Allergy & Food Intolerance

The body has many ways of reacting to a certain food or substance.  It is important to understand if this is a result of food allergy, food intolerance or environmental substance.

The body can have an adverse reaction to a specific food and it is the reaction of the immune system to this food which can cause more serious problems.  A food allergy symptom is often more immediate after consumption or exposure than a food intolerance, which can develop several hours or even days after.

Symptoms often caused by a food allergy can include diarrhoea, rashes, vomiting, respiratory problems, generalised swelling, stomach ache etc.

Food intolerances can be caused by something as simple as eating too much of a particular group of foods over a period of time.  Many people with a food intolerance are often unaware that their symptoms are food or environmentally related.  Symptoms can range from feeling bloated and lethargic as well as suffering from issues such as bowel problems, skin and joint problems, headaches, weight issues or just feeling under par.

If you are suffering with a food intolerance it may be resolved simply by identifying and eliminating a group of foods or preservatives from your diet for a short period of time, after which they can be re-introduced on a more moderate basis.

A simple test can measure changes in your body’s energy field which may show an intolerance to foods that you could be sensitive to.

What is involved in my allergy or intelorance test?