Frequently Asked Questions

How much does my test cost?

The total cost is £45.00. This includes testing for allergies, food intolerances, vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Do I need more than one test?

There is usually no need for repeat visits except occasionally in multiple allergy cases.

Do I need to stop any medication before a test?

No. It is not necessary to stop any medication before a test.

Do I need to fast before a test?

No this is not necessary.

Is the test invasive?

The test is non-invasive and is suitable for old and young alike. (Providing breast feeding has finished)

What do I need to do if I am found intolerant or sensitive to a food or substance?

You will be given a detailed information sheet outlining what you should avoid for approximately two months. In most cases the foods can be reintroduced into your diet in moderation.

Contact your nearest centre if you have any further questions